I was to start this blog long before 6th of July 2019 but just didn’t know how to. As you can guess, I got a way.

Now, welcome to My Site Plugins.

Which Way?

I need to tell you right away that this is my first post on WordPress plugin. Yes, my very first post on this voyage.

If you are just joining in my name is Olalekan Adebumiti. I am the owner of mysiteplugins.com. Though I have had over 5 years of experience in blogging – like owning this site with over 500,000 pageviews per month as at the time I started this blog and others doing well – before I thought of jumping on this idea, the decision should be worth it.

The Confession

I must confess I don’t know where to start this blog. And I don’t know how far I want to go on this journey.

I’m just going to take things a step at a time and wait to see where they lead me.

As you already know, it’s not uncommon to see people try new things. Today, I made the list of one of one of the blogger wannabes on this path.

My Plan?

I sat back to think that even if there are many blogs out there on plugins, there still remains a lot of questions begging for answers. It didn’t take me much time to jump in as one of the solutions and the push birthed My Site Plugins; you’ll see how much of contribution this decision will bring to the Plugin space soon.

So, I’ll be here to help in any way whatsoever:

From debugging to tutorials about WordPress Plugins, I’ll be giving my best while trying new things.

You have any challenge with your blog or plugin? Let me in. Literally!

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